Choices for Change

There is something about the clean slate of a new year that causes most to reflect on the past and determine what we would like to accomplish in the year ahead.

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Health, Healing, and Happiness

Having been sick for over two weeks, I’ve realized that illness makes me appreciate my health. Just the simple act of breathing through my nose, or sleeping through the night is something I take for granted until I can’t do it.

Kindness Matters

The good Samaritan did not stop to consider how the man got himself into his predicament, nor did he assume he was suffering because of his own foolish decisions. He was kind simply because it mattered.

||Book Review|| This Life I live

Labeled as a love story, I felt that this was so much more. It is a story of choices, faith, growth, resilience, and love. It’s about a man and a woman that faced many of the same challenges we see in our own lives, and how they chose to learn from them. I found it inspiring and well worth my time - I hope you do too!

Be Fiercely Loyal

Loyalty. A fairly straightforward word, attribute, and characteristic. We expect it from those we are closest to, but how often do we contemplate our loyalty to our beliefs, values, and others.

5 Steps to a Stress Detox

While the triggers may be different, any situation we perceive as threatening, or that requires us to adjust or change, can set off stress. It often creeps in quietly through the back door and before we know it we feel overwhelmed with the burdens that have seemingly mounded up from nowhere.

Dare NOT to Compare

Since comparison is the thief of joy, and that is what makes life so fulfilling, let us stop missing out on life! Let's be brave and dare NOT to compare. Let's embrace the gift of being who we are!

Wedding Planning 101: 11 Lessons Learned

It seems like pure madness to think about wedding planning at the first of the year, but about this time last year, our oldest daughter got engaged. I learned a few tidbits of wisdom that I wish I had known from the get go. So, for all you parents that have a daughter’s wedding on the horizon - this one is for you.


Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Our discouragement and doubt can drown out our desire to find success.

Christmas Cowgirl

Christmas permits people to dream and wish for gifts no matter what their age. For me as a senior, wanting cowboy boots represented a yearning for new adventure.

7 Meaningful Christmas Reminders

So many of us want Christmas to feel like Christmas again. We are tired of the commercialization of every aspect of the holiday. In an effort to remind us of all the feelings we’d like to create in our homes for Christmas, I’ve compiled my favorites to share.

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